12 days of Christmas with our Chapel Creche

December 25th | 1st Day of Christmas

 The beautiful Nativity scene in the choir chapel has been here since 1912. A mark on the angel’s wing shows the molds date from 1893. It was given by a “Father Heitz of Beloit, Kansas,” in memory of his niece, Sister M. Richardis Heitz, who died that year at the age of 25. Let us pray today for the many sisters and guests who have admired and prayed before this scene.

December 26th | 2nd Day of Christmas

The back wall of the creche is a handpainted canvas to represent Bethlehem. The main feature is the sunrise breaking over the barren land and the city with the dawning light of Jesus’ birth. Let us pray today in thanksgiving for the light of Christ and for the people of the Holy Land.

December 26th | 3rd Day of Christmas

Some wooden pieces were perhaps made by a monastery workman. The painted bucket is one of the small lard or peanut butter buckets sold in the early 1900s. People have often dropped coins there. Let us pray today for all who have made wishes and received God’s grace here, especially the children.