A Gift of a Life Insurance Policy

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This week we received a gift of life insurance policy from a donor’s estate.  When I was notified that Mount St. Scholastica was the beneficiary of this policy, I was surprised.  I had not visited with the donor.  The money from this life insurance policy will be very helpful for us in our ministries and our community needs.

At some time this donor decided that an insurance policy could be a gift to charity after death. To make a change in the beneficiary on your life insurance policy, you need to contact the insurance company. It requires filling out a new beneficiary form. Changing the beneficiary in your will is not enough.  The beneficiary must be listed on the policy with the insurance company.

As circumstances of life change maybe the beneficiary of your life insurance account will need to be changed also.  Designating a charity as beneficiary of your life insurance is a wonderful way to leave a legacy to Mount St. Scholastica. 

Sister Mary Agnes Patterson, OSB at 913-360-6215 or patterson@mountosb.org.

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