Daily Reflection Questions for July 2015

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Date Liturgical CalendarReflection Question
July 1   Gen 21:8-20 - How do I treat my Muslim brothers and sisters, descendants of Abraham through Ishmael?
July 2   Gen 22: 1-19 - Is there anything I’m not willing to offer to God in trust?
July 3 Feast of St. Thomas, Apostle John 20: 24-29 Lord, help my unbelief.
July 4 Independence Day Phil 4:6-9 – Paul invites us to think about what is just as we celebrate our nation’s freedom.
July 5 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 6:1-6 – Can I still have the courage to speak for God when others doubt or mock?
July 6   Mt 9:20-22 – What needs healing and have I reached out in faith to touch Jesus?
July 7   Gen. 32: 24-26 – When have I wrestled with God and what blessing did I receive?
July 8   Mt. 10: 6-7 – How am I proclaiming the Kingdom today?
July 9   Mt 10:8-10 - Can I live more simply?
July 10   Mt 10: 19-20 – Am I afraid to let God speak through me on difficult subjects?
July 11 Feast of St. Benedict Rule of Benedict, ch. 72 : “Prefer nothing whatever to Christ.”
July 12 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Is 12: 2-6 When has my trust in God left me unafraid?
July 13 St. Henry, co-patron of oblates Mt. 10:40-42 - In whom will I receive Christ today?
July 14 St. Kateri Tekakwitha Mt. 11:20-24 - What can I do to make my city a place that is godly?
July 15 St. Bonaventure Ex. 3: 2-5 - Am I aware that where I am standing is holy ground?
July 16 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Mt 11:28-30 - Share your burden with Jesus today.
July 17   Mt. 12: 8 - How well do I observe the Sabbath?
July 18   Mt. 12:15-21 - How can I be a humble voice for justice?
July 19 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 6: 31-32 - Do I have a quiet place to be with Jesus; do I go there often enough?
July 20   Mt. 12: 38-42 - Do I trouble Jesus too much for signs instead of trusting?
July 21   Mt. 12: 46-50 - Who are my mother and my brothers and sisters?
July 22 St. Mary Magdalene John 20:17-18 - Am I a voice of the Good News of the risen Christ?
July 23   Mt 13: 16-17 - What will I experience today if I just open my eyes and ears?
July 24   Mt. 13: 18-23 – What kind of ground and seed am I?
July 25   Mt 20: 25-28 – How do I exercise authority in my interactions at work and home?
July 26 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time John 6: 5-13 – What can I do to feed the hungry of body or spirit?
July 27   Mt 13: 31-33 - How is my faith a leaven?
July 28   Mt 13: 37-43 - What kinds of weeds are threatening my harvest?
July 29 St. Martha John 10:21-27 – Think about loved ones who have died and how they live on in your life.
July 30   Mt 13: 47-53 – Do a little sorting today to let go of the bad and cherish the good, both old and new.
July 31 St. Ignatius of Loyola Lev 23:9-11 Am I giving back to God through my prayer and charity a fair share of the bounty I’ve been given?

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