Daily Reflections for February 2015

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Date Liturgical CalendarReflection
Feb. 1 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 1:21-28 How do I embrace "the storms" that come my way?
Feb. 2 Presentation of the Lord Mal 3:1-4 How do I experience God's presence in my life?
Feb. 3 Blaise, Bishop, Martyr Mk 5:21-43 Am I willing to share with others how God is operating in my life?
Feb. 4   Mk 6:1-6 Who are the prophets in my midst and how do I listen to them?
Feb. 5 Agatha, Virgin, Martyr Mk 6:7-13 How do I prepare for my daily faith journeys?
Feb. 6 Paul Miki and Companions Mk 6:14-29 What excess baggage do I carry unknowingly through life?
Feb. 7   Mk 6:30-34 Am I committed to resting daily to refresh myself?
Feb. 8 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 1:29-39 Where are my deserted prayer places?
Feb. 9   Mk 6:53-56 "As many as touched it were healed." How have I been touched by God?
Feb. 10 Scholastica Sg 8:6-7 God grant me the courage to cast out my fears and increase my love for you!
Feb. 11 Our Lady of Lourdes Mk 7:14-23 At what depth do I look into my heart and then allow Jesus to touch it with his healing love?
Feb. 12   Mk 7:24-30 What is the 'poverty of spirit' that I embrace?
Feb. 13   Mk 7:31-37 How is God calling me to wholeness?
Feb. 14 Cyril and Methodius Mk 8:1-10 What do I do when faced with what seems to be an impossible task...pray and ask God for help?
Feb. 15 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 1:40-45 What needs cleansing in me?
Feb. 16   Mk 8:11-13 How often am I aware that I am safe in God’s hands?
Feb. 17   Mk 8:14-21 How has God's power and providence touched my life?
Feb. 18 Ash Wednesday Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 What’s my plan of action for this Lent?
Feb. 19   Lk 9:22-25 How do I choose life in my personal choices for my body and soul?
Feb. 20   Mt 9:14-15 What do I need to fast from in my behavior?
Feb. 21   Lk 5:27-32 How do I welcome the outcasts among us?
Feb. 22 1st Sunday of Lent Mk 1:12-15 What signs of the kingdom of God can I see around me today?
Feb. 23   Mt 25:31-46 Which commandment or work of mercy is most challenging for me and what can I do about it?
Feb. 24   Mt 6:7-15 Pray the Our Father slowly and choose a phrase to meditate upon today.
Feb. 25   Lk 11:29-32 How do I respond to the prophetic challenges of God's word?
Feb. 26   Mt 7:7-12 What aid do I need to seek from God today?
Feb. 27   Mt 5:20-26 Is there someone with whom I need to be reconciled?
Feb. 28   Mt 5:43-48 Who are my enemies and how can I love them better?

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